• General information
    1. Irish Spin school of Irish dance works as Irish Spin Malgorzarta Szarycz with headquarters in Wroclaw, ul. Borowska 38/7, NIP: 8961430059, REGON: 363510501
    2. These regulations are valid at all classes conducted by Irish Spin Dance School.
    3. The regulations are available in electronic form at the address: and in paper form at the head coach of dance classes.
    4. In the case of changing the regulations, each participant will be informed and will be able to withdraw from participation in classes without any consequences. Information abbout changing the regulations will be given on the website
  • Basic rules of class participation
    1. The participant can be the person who submitted the dance class application and paid the tuition fee.
    2. Each participant of dance classes is obliged to follow the Irish Spin Dance School rules. Applying for classes is eqivalent to acceptance of the provisions of these regulations and consent to the processing of personal data by the Irish Spin Dance School for the purpose of organizing dance courses. The participant can access their personal data at any time and request their correction, modification or deletion. Providing the data is voluntary, but their absence will prevent proper registration as a Participant of the dance course organized by the Irish Spin Dance School.
    3. Participation in minors' classes is possible only after delivery of the consent signed by the legal guardian (Form available at the instructor before and after class). The minimum age of the participant in dance classes is 7 years.
    4. In the case of absence from classes, it is possible to take up classes within 6 weeks with another group. Classes not fixed within the set deadline are forfeited.
    5. Absence should be reported no later than 4 hours before the start of classes (by phone, SMS or e-mail). Lack of information or late notification of the instructor results in payment for the given activity.
    6. Current schedule of classes can be found at the address It is possible to adjust the dates to the Participants' preferences. In addition, each dancer can be added to the class calendar (receiving invitations and reminders about the trainings and the possibility to mark absences).
    7. Types of classes - requirements for individual levels of proficiency are set out in §7. Doubts about the presented level are decided by the trainer.
      1. Group classes
      2. Types of group dances
        Dance style Definition Level Age categories
        Light Learning solo dances in soft shoes. beginner 7-14
        primary over 15
        intermediate over 15
        open [not set yet]
        Hard Learning solo and set dances in hard shoes. beginner 10-15
        primary over 15
        intermediate over 15
        open [not set yet]
        Ceili and figures - kids [not set yet] all levels 7-14
        Ceili and figures - Adults Preparation for Feis in traditional and non traditional group dances all levels over 15
      3. Privat classes - individual classes with an instructor. Each level of advancement, each age group.
      4. Practice - classes designed for experienced dancers for self-improvement.
    8. Every dancer has a sports outfit. Detailed information is provided by the teacher.
    9. For hard shoes classes you should bring hard shoes. The beginner group is an exception - in this case it is acceptable to practice in sneakers.
    10. For soft shoes classes you should bring Irish pump shoes (ladies), reel shoes (gents) or gymnastic ballet shoes with a divided sole. This is not mandatory for the beginner group. In this case you can bring two pairs of socks
    11. It is advisable to bring water or other thirst-quenching drink with you.
    12. During the classes no meals are allowed. Between the classes there is a break time to possibly consume light snacks (bars, fruits, etc.). Chewing gum during dance is completely banned.
    13. Participation in classes after taking alcohol or other intoxicants is prohibited and results expulsion from classes without the possibility of making up for them.
    14. Those who are overdue more than 15 minutes are obliged to warm up by themselves.
    15. For safety reasons, long pendants and earrings must be took off for the duration of the course.
    16. If the participant does not follow the instructions, the instructor is not responsible for any injuries that occurred during the course. In addition, the dancer should have insurance against accidents.
    17. Persons reporting their participation in classes declare that they have no medical contraindications to perform exercises in the field of Irish dance and participate in activities at their own risk.
    18. In the event of any disturbing symptoms during the exercise, the activity should be stopped and reported to the trainer.
    19. During the classes organized by Irish Spin Dance School, it is forbidden to record the image and sound, unless the trainer agrees.
  • Rules for using the cloakroom
    1. The participants of the classes have at their disposal a cloakroom indicated by the trainer or the persons managing the sports complex
    2. The cloakroom is available at the earliest 15 minutes before the beginning of the classes.
    3. The last person leaving the locker room is obliged to close the room.
    4. After completing the classes, leave the cloakroom in the same condition as it was before the classes (clean up after yourself).
    5. Irish Spin School is not responsible for valuable items left in the locker room. Such items should be brought to the dance hall.
    6. After completing the classes, you have to change and leave the cloakroom within 15 minutes.
  • Group classes (light,hard) - additional information
    1. The minimum number of participants in group classes: Light, Hard - 4 people
    2. Group classes were divided according to style (ligth, hard), level of advancement (beginner, primary) and age children aged 7-14, high school students witch adults.
    3. If student will miss class and will be not able to continue course because of gaps, instructor can arrange the individual classes with this person.
    4. The duration of the training depends on the age and the level of advancement of the participants
      1. 60 min for children
      2. 60-120 min for high school students and adults
  • Group classes (ceili & Figures) - additional information
    1. The minimum number of participants in the Ceili class: 4 people.
    2. Group classes were divided according to the age of participants (children aged 7 - 14, high school students and adults)
    3. The duration of the training depends on the age of participants:
      1. 60 min dla dzieci
      2. 120 min dla młodzieży licealnej oraz dorosłych.
  • Individual classes - additional information
    1. Private classes must be scheduled with an instructor at least two weeks in advance.
    2. The instructor one week before class sets out what the class schedule will be. If the dancer receives instructions from the trainer, he must prepare for the classes.
    3. Individual classes apply to all age groups.
    4. One training takes 60 minutes.
  • Requirements
    1. Beginner Groups (all styles) - Classes for everyone who would like to start dancing Irish dance. There are no prerequisites.
    2. Lihgt:
    3. Requirements for soft shoes dances
      Primary light Intermediate light Open light
      Known steps beginner slip jig like Primary, plus: like Intermediate, plus:
      beginner reel primary reel intermediate reel (tree steps)
      light jig primary slip jig intermediate slip jig (tree steps)
      hop jig - -
      Speed of the dances beginner reel 121-123 BPM primary reel 116 -118 BPM intermediate reel 113 BPM
      beginner light jig 116 BPM primary light jig 116 BPM intermediate light jig 116 BPM
      beginner slip jig 121 BPM primary slip jig 118 BPM intermediate slip jig 113 BPM
      beginner single jig 123 BPM primary single jig 123 BPM intermediate single jig 121 BPM
    4. Hard:
    5. Requirements for hard shoes dances
      Primary hard Intermediate hard Open hard
      Opanowane kroki beginner treble jig like Primary, plus: like Intermediate, plus
      beginner hornpipe primary hornpipe intermediate treble jig (tree steps)
      St Patrick's Day primary treble jig intermediate hornpipe (tree steps)
      Jockey to the Fair Job of Journeywork Three See Captians
      Black bird King of the Fairies
      Garden of Daisies
      Speed of the dances beginner heavy jig 89 BPM primary heavy jig 79 BPM intermediate heavy jig 73 BPM
      beginner hornpipe 142 BPM primary hornpipe 130 BPM intermediate hornpipe 113 BPM
  • Payment for classes
    1. You can pay for the classes in cash on the day of classes or before transfer. In the second case, the dancer is obliged to show proof of payment at the latest on the day of classes.
    2. Treining pack - a package of four, eight, twelve or sixteen (valid for 42 days) of training sessions, taking place once or twice a week, paid by bank transfer or cash before the first class of the carnet. The purchased tickets are personal and can not be used by other people.
    3. The current price list of dance classes can be found on the school's website at
    4. The Irish Spin Dance School reserves the right to change the Price List at least two weeks in advance.
    5. Discounts for students: 5% upon presentation of a valid ID card.
    6. Absences can be done at a different date (with another group), there is no possibility of refunding for unused classes.
    7. Charges for groups of 'beginner adults' and 'kids soft beginner' and 'kids soft advances' are to be paid in the office of club Pod Kolumnami (cash only).
    8. Bank transfer details:
      Irish Spin Małgorzata Szarycz
      ING Bank 15 1050 1575 1000 0092 2068 5615
    9. The transfer title should include the name and surname of the dancer, the type of group (name plus level),month and year in which the classes take place. For example:
      "First Name, Last Name, Prim Step, Prim Light, Ceili, March 2016"
  • Final Provisions
    1. Special situations, not included in these regulations, will be considered individually.
    2. Cases and queries related to Irish Spin work please raise by mail, phone or personally:
      1. e-mail address: [email protected],
      2. phone: +48 793422130,
      3. personally (please contact us to schedule appointment)
    3. These regulations are valid form date of publishing them on the website
  • GDPR policy. Translation in progress: Informacja dotycząca ochrony i przetwarzania danych osobowych przez Irish Spin Małgorzata Szarycz

    1. Administrator danych osobowych

    Administratorem Twoich danych osobowych jest Irish Spin Małgorzata Szarycz. Możesz się skontaktować z Administratorem w następujący sposób:

    1. listownie na adres: Irish Spin Małgorzata Szarycz ul. Borowska 38/7, 50-532 Wrocław
    2. przez e-mail: [email protected]
    3. telefonicznie: 793 422 130

    2. Cele przetwarzania Twoich danych osobowych oraz podstawa prawna przetwarzania

    Będziemy przetwarzać Twoje dane osobowe, aby:

    1. realizować kursy taneczne,
    2. na bieżąco informować o zmianach w grafiku zajęć,
    3. przypominać o płatnościach za karnety taneczne,
    4. informować o zawodach tanecznych, w których będą brali udział tancerze Irish Spin Małgorzata Szarycz,
    5. udostępniać materiały edukacyjne w postaci filmów instruktażowych za pomocą platformy google-drive,
    6. archiwizować Twoje dane zgodnie z przepisami prawa.

    Podstawy prawne przetwarzania Twoich danych to:

    1. dane osobowe będę przetwarzane przez okres regulowany rozporządzeniami dotyczącymi dokumentacji medycznej art. 13 ustawy z 24 kwietnia 2009 roku,
    2. przepisy prawa.

    3. Rodzaje przetwarzanych danych osobowych

    1. imię,
    2. nazwisko,
    3. numer telefonu,
    4. e-mail.

    Dla tancerzy występujących na międzynarodowych zawodach w tańcu irlandzkim przetwarzana będzie również data urodzenia.

    4. Okres przechowywania Twoich danych osobowych

    Dane, które przetwarzamy będziemy przechowywać przez czas określony przez przepisy prawa, a w prawnie uzasadnionych interesach Administratora danych do czasu wniesienia sprzeciwu.

    5. Odbiorcy Twoich danych osobowych

    Będziemy przekazywać Twoje dane osobowe:

    1. podmiotom przetwarzającym dane w imieniu administratora danych: świadczącym usługi finansowe (księgowość), gdy wyrażasz potrzebę wystawienia rachunku imiennego,
    2. w przypadku brania udziału w zawodach tańca irlandzkiego, dane zostaną udostępnione organizatorom w celu rejestracji tancerza do poszczególnych konkurencji,
    3. podmiotom uprawnionym przepisami prawa,
    4. podmiotom upoważnionym przez Ciebie.

    6. Twoje prawa związane z przetwarzaniem danych osobowych

    Przysługują Ci następujące prawa związane z przetwarzaniem danych osobowych:

    1. żądania od Administratora dostępu do Twoich danych osobowych,
    2. żądania od Administratora sprostowania Twoich danych osobowych,
    3. żądania od Administratora usunięcia Twoich danych osobowych,
    4. żądania od Administratora ograniczenia przetwarzania Twoich danych osobowych,
    5. wniesienia sprzeciwu wobec przetwarzania Twoich danych osobowych,
    6. przenoszenia Twoich danych osobowych,
    7. wniesienia skargi do organu nadzorczego.

    7. Źródła danych

    1. osoba fizyczna, która zapisała się na kurs tańca telefonicznie lub poprzez sms,
    2. osoba fizyczna, która zapisała się na kurs mailowo,
    3. osoba fizyczna, która zapisała się na kurs podczas trwania zajęć,
    4. za pomocą wiadomości na naszej stronie na facebooku:

    8. Dodatkowe informacje

    1. Podanie przez Państwa danych osobowych jest dobrowolne.
    2. Firma nie udostępnia danych innym podmiotom, chyba, że zostały zawarte dodatkowe, odrębne ustalenia w tym zakresie z Państwem.
    3. Informujemy, że w dowolnym momencie mogą Państwo odwołać udzieloną zgodę, pisemnie na adres Administratora danych lub mailowo na adres: [email protected], a wycofanie zgody nie wpływa na zgodność z prawem przetwarzania, którego dokonano na podstawie zgody przed jej wycofaniem.
    4. Administrator dokłada wszelkich starań, aby zapewnić wszelkie środki fizycznej, technicznej i organizacyjnej ochrony danych osobowych przed ich przypadkowym czy umyślnym zniszczeniem, przypadkową utratą, zmianą, nieuprawnionym ujawnieniem, wykorzystaniem czy dostępem, zgodnie ze wszystkimi obowiązującymi przepisami.