Schedule 2022/2023

Lists for beginner classes for school year 2022/2023 will be open in September 2022.

Information and registration: [email protected], tel. 793422130

Fees 2022/2023

Class name Duration Fee
All groups (adults) 4 x 60 min 100,00 PLN
All groups (kids, students) 4 x 60 min 90,00 PLN
Ceili + Solo classes (adults) 4 x 90 min 120,00 PLN
Ceili + Solo classes (kids, students) 4 x 90 min 110,00 PLN
Individual lesson 1 x 60 min 40,00 PLN + room rental fee

What to bring to class?


We suggest to bring comfortable sports outfit. People with long hair must ensure that the hair is tied. All jewelry must be removed for the duration of the class.

For soft dance classes you should bring Irish soft shoes (ladies), reel shoes (gentlemen) or gymnastic ballet shoes with divided soles. This is not obligatory for the beginner groups. In this case you can bring two pairs of socks.

For classes from the Irish tap dance (hard) you should bring Irish dance hard shoes. The beginner group is an exception – in this case it is acceptable to practice in trainers or sneakers.

Additional equipment:

Water to drink, jumping rope, resistance band