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For now you can find the most important information below.

Irish Spin is Irish Dance School created in 2016 by Małgorzata Szarycz.

Training plan is designed for children, teenagers and also adults. It contains: solo dancing and team dancing. The class schedule for 2017/2018 season is published below:

What you should bring into class? - Sport outfit, shoes (ballet shoes/ sneakers), jumping rope, resistance rubber and of course water.

Absence on class. - If you bought a pack of 4 or more trainings, you need to inform the teacher about your absecne in advance (at least 4 hour before training starts). Otherwise, you will be charged for this training.

Summer schedule and fees:

Training name Duration Price
All groups 4 x 60 min 80,00 PLN
Ceili + Figures 4 x 120 min 80,00 PLN